Galveston, TX
Moody Gardens Hotel & Conve...
2014 Texas Ducks Unlimited State Convention
From  Thu, June 19, 2014 at 6:00PM (Central)
To  Sun, June 22, 2014 at 12:00PM
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Hosted by Ducks Unlimited
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Texas Ducks Unlimited Convention 2014
June 19-22 Moody Gardens, Galveston, TX

Please join us at the annual Texas State Ducks Unlimited Convention – The premier event in Texas to celebrate all the great work DU does, as well as spend time with the finest volunteers in the country!

** Jim Cuskey was our winner for the Early Bird Drawing.  He won a free room at Moody Gardens for Friday and Saturday night and 2 adult registrations. **

This year we are in the great city of Galveston. The convention will be held at Moody Gardens Resort. Moody Gardens features three main pyramid attractions: the Aquarium Pyramid, which is one of the largest in the region and holds many species of fish and other marine animals; the Rainforest Pyramid, which contains tropical plants, animals, birds, butterflies, reptiles, and a variety of other rainforest animals including free-roaming monkeys and two-toed sloths; and the Discovery Pyramid, which focuses on science-oriented exhibits and activities. Another major attraction is Palm Beach, a landscaped white sand beach with freshwater lagoons, a lazy river, tower slides, and splash pad play area for children. 

** Moody Gardens has offered any registered guest the option to buy a pass for all Moody Garden attractions for $43/ person.  This pass is good from June 18-22.  It gives the holder UNLIMITED admission into the following attractions: Aquarium Pyramid, Rainforest Pyramid, MG 3D Theater, 4D Special FX Theater, Ridefilm Theater, Discovery Museum, Colonel Paddlewheel Boat and Palm Beach.  The regular price for a 2 day pass at the resort is $79. these are only available for per purchase.  A limited number might be available at registration but will not be guaranteed.  So pre-buy your passes!  For a list of attractions click here.

Hotel: Moody Gardens, Galveston – There is a block of rooms reserved for Ducks Unlimited at the rate of $189.00 per night, plus tax.  This rate expires if you book after May 29th or if the block fills up!  Book early! 
  • You can book by calling 888-388-8484.  In order to get the special DU rate tell them you are with the Ducks Unlimited Group


Thursday, June 19th
6:00 p.m. ~ Reception for early arrivals - at the home of Bill and Libbie Ansell

Friday, June 20th
6:00 a.m. ~ Fishing Tournament
3:30 p.m. ~ State Council Meeting
7:00 p.m. ~ Dinner celebration - Air and Space Museum

Saturday, June 21st
8:00 a.m. ~ General business session
12:00 p.m. ~ Awards luncheon
6:00 p.m. ~ Reception for First Timers & Major Donors
7:00 p.m. ~ Gala with silent & live auctions

Sunday, June 22nd
8:00 a.m. ~ Farewell breakfast, come-and-go

Late Registration: If you register after June 6th, the fee goes from $100 to $125 per adult. Please be sure to register early!

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